Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Carpe diem - Seize the Day!

人生的興衰榮枯…像旭日東昇的意氣風發, 總會有衰退的時候。這世界的虛空。同樣地, 人的生命終究要歸於塵土, 這場表演想呈現出這樣的規律。

為身心之苦所煩惱, 迷惘。
生在物質欣欣向榮,心靈卻枯萎的現代….. .

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■物 語:時に人は人生を振り返る 自分の歩いてきた道を

間違っていたのか それとも正しかったのか




Theme:Prosperity and Decline. Sunrise and sunset. Our life is an empty dream.

We are born. We live. At last, we die.

Story :Sometimes, we look back over the journey of our lives.

Was it right? Was it wrong?

The uncertainty makes pain for our minds and souls.

In the modern days, we have limitless desires.

As the city flourish, our hearts vanish・・・・“Carpe diem

Profile:Yakudo Dance Company has been working on dance productions based on Japanese aesthetics and Bushido. It has been touring around Japan and also had a performance in the US in 2006. In 2009, the company members had dance lessons for children with Down syndrome and participated in several charity events. In addition, the company danced for many traditional festivals called “Yosakoi, “ and it has developed original style, “Yakudo Yosakoi.” Through Yosakoi festivals, the company contributes to exchange cultural knowledge for other countries, such as Korea. The company is planning to have a touring performance in Asian countries, starting from Taiwan.

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